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SIDS 10 Prevention Strategies Every Parent Should be Aware Of

Every year, more than 3000 infants die because of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS). It causes babies to die while sleeping. According to Marian Willinger, Ph.D., special assistant for SIDS, "the peak danger is between 2 and 4 months old". The following precautions will reduce the chances of SIDS:


1) Do not Smoke in your Home nor Around your Infant



Yes! Infants who are exposed to smoke are more likely to die because of SIDS.


2) Breastfeeding is a Must!

SIDS Prevention

Breastfed babies easily wake up from sleep compared to formula-fed babies. Some experts believe that SIDS causes death to babies who aren't able to wake up when having hard times to breathe.

Plus, a breastfeeding mother does her best to stop smoking.


3) Sleeping Rule: Back Sleeping!

SIDS Prevention

When sleeping on their backs, babies breathe better. Getting your baby to sleep on his back will help regulate his body temperature and avoid overheating. Do not let your baby sleep on his stomach or side.


4) Did you think about a Comfortable Room Temperature?

SIDS Prevention

According to Warren Guntheroth, M.D., professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington, in Seattle: "A nursery that's too warm substantially increases an infant's SIDS risk". The ideal room temperature has to be around 68°F.


5) Is your Nanny Aware of SIDS Risks?

SIDS Prevention

Before hiring a nanny or a childcare provider, make sure they are up to date when it comes to SIDS.


6) Don't Overdress your Little One

SIDS Prevention


Overheating is reported to be one of the reasons behind SIDS. Dress your baby in easily removable layers.


7) Don't Share the Same Bed

SIDS Prevention


Parents dream of the day they could co-sleep with their infant. A loose blanket, a pillow, or even your hair could suffocate your baby.


8) Use a pacifier during sleep time

SIDS Prevention

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving your child a pacifier during his first year during naps and night sleeps.


9) An appropriate Crib is a Must

SIDS Prevention

First, make sure your baby's crib is not close to a heater or another source of heat. Avoid putting gadgets inside the crib or loose blankets. Choose a firm mattress and cover it with a tight-fitting sheet.


10) Stay Up to Date about SIDS Risks

SIDS Prevention

Regularly read articles or talk to your pediatrics to stay up to date about the causes of SIDS.



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