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How to Start your Baby on Solids

If you are reading this, it means your baby has reached an incredible milestone. According to the AAM, you should initiate your 4-6 month baby to solids. Here are the signs that reveal whether your baby is ready to eat solids or not:

  • Ability to hold his head is a steady & upright position
  • Ability to sit with support
  • Showing a desire for food
  • Still feeling hungry after a full portion of milk

1) What to serve?

Fast & Easy Baby Food Purees

In addition to milk, start offering one-ingredient purées. This will help you discover potential allergies.


2) What about high allergenic foods?

Baby Allergenic Foods

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It is important to discuss this topic with your pediatric. Your pediatric will probably give you some oral antihistamine to use in case of an allergy to peanuts, fish, or eggs.


3) And juices?

Baby Fruit Juices

It is not a compulsory part of your baby's diet. Too much juice can cause diarrhea or gas. Give no more than 4 ounces a day to your baby. Make sure it is homemade and 100% fruit.


4) Solid Foods not to Give Baby

Popcorn baby food

Some foods are not appropriate for your baby:

  • Honey: It can cause botulism. Do not give honey before age 1.
  • Cow milk: Formula & Breastmilk are more adapted to your little one's organism. Do not give cow milk before age 1.
  • Choking foods: Popcorns, nuts, whole grapes, globs of nut butter, cheese, hot dog, fruit chunks...

5) Feeding Daily Routine

Baby eating

Babies have a hard time staying focused. Anytime you want to feed your baby, wash his hands, prepare his table, and sit him down. It is advised to turn off tv, music, or anything that may distract him. "This will help your baby become conscious of eating and learn to recognize when he's full", says Marilyn Tanner, RD, spokesperson for the ADA(American Dietetic Association).



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