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Edible Painting for Little Ones

Are you having a hard time feeding your baby or child? Are you planning to have a painting session with your little one, but he's still putting everything in his mouth? The good news is you can prepare an edible painting for your baby!


Material Needed

Edible painting


Only a few things you can find in any store are needed to prepare your edible painting session:

  • Paint Brushes: If you don't have a new one or don't have time to buy it, your kids can use their tiny fingers
  • Natural Food Coloring(Dye Free)
  • Bowls or Cups and Spoons

Where to have your food "Party"?

Edible Painting


The bathtub is the ideal place to have your kids playing with their edible painting. To clean up the mess, you'll just have to spray some water using your shower head.

 Enjoy your time!

Edible Painting


Your kiddos will grow up very fast. Enjoy every moment, and don't forget to take a lot of pictures.



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