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How to Prepare your House for a Baby Crawler

Babies grow up so fast that one day you'll wake up and see your little one crawling.


1) Do you have pets? The hair is all over the floor!

Prepare House for Baby Crawler

Some of us can't imagine their life without their pets. Although they are lovely, these beautiful animals lose hair all day long. Make sure you clean the floor twice a day.


2) Cover your Outlets

Prepare House for Baby Crawler

Many electrical plugs are near the floor. Outlets are among the "Must" things to covers when your little one starts crawling. {Check out our Transparent Outlet Covers}


3) Toys can be dangerous!

Prepare House for Baby Crawler

Now that your baby has developed more autonomy, he will start putting everything in his mouth. As a rule of thumb, everything that fits through a toilet paper roll is a choking hazard.


4) You don't want to find your baby inside the fridge!

Baby home Safety

Some crawlers are so strong they can open fridge doors. You don't want them drinking and eating whatever they find. Getting a lock for your fridge is a Must!


5) Anchor your Furniture

Prepare House for Baby Crawler

Some kiddos try getting on top or inside a cabinet. As a result, furniture such as bookshelves may tip-over your baby. Earthquakes can cause the same consequences. {Use Heavy-Duty Straps to anchor your house}


6) Block Access to Stairs & other rooms

Discovering every inch of your house is one of your little one's favorite activities. Use a wall-mount gate to block access to stairways & rooms with some potential danger.


7) Get on Baby's Level

Prepare House for Baby Crawler

We are not asking you to crawl! But, being on down, on the same level as your baby will reveal many dangers to you. Sharp items or easily broken decorations must be placed as high as possible. You'll even realize you have to {pad sharp edges and corners of your furniture}.


8) You Don't Want to Find your Kitchen in a Complete Mess

Prepare House for Baby Crawler

As they start crawling, babies open cabinets & drawers and throw everything on the floor. They may even have access to dangerous objects. {Consider installing latches on your furniture.}


9) Hinder Acess to Dangerous Areas

Prepare House for Baby Crawler

Make sure to block access to cleaning supplies, fireplace, stairs... {You can install door lever locks}.

10) Drink more Coffee

Prepare House for Baby Crawler

You get the meaning. Babies are really smart. The more they grow, the more you'll have to watch over them. For more tips, {get your baby-proofing checklist here}.



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