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Puzzles over screen time

"How can I entertain my kids without an iPad?" is one of the common questions you'll hear from many parents. You can entertain your children without relying on technology. Here is a list of activities that will your child stay "unplugged"!


1) Simon Says ...

Puzzle over screen time

Hold your breath for 10 seconds or freeze for 15 seconds!


2) Jokes

Puzzle over screen time

Ask your children to tell you jokes. Make sure you make them believe their joke is funny!


3) Dominos & Cards

Puzzle over screen time

Have your child build houses, road or even temples using card or dominos.


4) Waiting Games

Puzzle over screen time

What's better than waiting games to keep your children engaged, and most importantly, wise. Check this fabulous list of waiting games.


5) Stories

Puzzle over screen time

Everyone loves stories, especially kids. Tell them about your childhood friends, school & pets.




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