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Natural & Simple Ways to Treat Your Baby’s Cold

You've washed your hands before holding your baby, kept the room warm... Still, your baby will succumb to a cold. Don't worry! There is a lot of natural & simple ways to relieve your little one's cold.


1) Breastfeeding is a must

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Breastfeeding is among natural ways to help your little one have a stronger immunity system. Your baby needs a ready-to-fight immune system to protect him from the flu or cold.


2) Fluids, Fluids & more Fluids

Baby Home Remedies


Cold dehydrates our bodies. Give your baby breast milk or formula. Check their urine to tell if their body needs liquids or not. If the urine is dark, give your little one more drinks.


3) Suction out their Nasal Mucus 3 to 6 Times a Day

Baby Home Remedies

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Babies don't know how to blow their nose. And it gets more stuffy when they catch a cold. Use a bulb syringe or an electrical nasal aspirator to help them breathe and feel better.


4) Give a Boost to Their Immunity System

Baby Home Remedies

Vitamin D will make your little one stronger. Like adults, babies can become Vitamin D deficient when not exposed to the sun. More details about how to expose your little one to the sun available here.


5) Try Alternative Medicine instead of Standard Medicine

Baby Home Remedies


Homeopathy is a safe alternative to commonly used cold medicines. It is a side-effect-free treatment made from natural elements.


6) DIY Steam Room

Baby Home Remedies

Steam can help stuffed up babies. It is really easy to make! Turn on the shower faucet for a few minutes on the hot water while leaving the bathroom door closed. Once the temperature is warm enough, play with your baby for a few minutes. It is advised to do it before bedtime.


7) Healthy Nutrition is a Must!

Baby Home Remedies

It goes without saying a healthy & balanced diet will help your little one cure faster. Breast milk for little ones & proteins and vegetables for eating-solids babies.

8) Next Goal: Make your House Smoke-Free

Baby Home Remedies

Even better, make your life smoke-free, especially if you are breastfeeding your little one.


9) Humidify your Air

Baby Home Remedies


Dry air can help nasal mucus build-up. Moisture can help stuffed up babies. It even helps with coughing!


10) Skip Medicines as Much as you Can

Baby Home Remedies

On average, babies get about 7 colds in their first year. Medicines work! But they also tend to weaken their immune system.



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