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How to Play with a Newborn: 10 Easy Activities

Just admit it! You want to play with your newly born baby, but you are afraid of the bad things that can happen. No Stress! Here are 10 easy & safe activities to entertain your little one:

1. Babies are Amazed when Put in Front of a Mirror

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn

Pulling their hair and putting their fingers in their ears or mouth is one of the activities babies will spend some time on. It helps them discover their little bodies. You can help them discover more by just putting them in front of a mirror:

  • To look at their reflection
  • Bring their feet to their tiny fingers
  • Put their hands on their belly and much more...

2. Make them Feel Comfortable

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn

Newborns spend most of their time laying on their backs. You may want to put your baby on:

  • His side
  • His belly
  • Or sitting up with support(not for too long)

These positions help your baby see the world from a different perspective.

3. Face to Face Discussion

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn


Nothing will make you happier than seeing your baby smile to you. Talk & smile to your baby. Your baby will smile back & get used to your voice.

4. Who Doesn't Like Massages?

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn


You can gently massage parts of your baby's body. This activity helps to reduce their anxiety. Some babies like it so much that they start a stretching session.

5. Strengthen their Muscles

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn


Tummy time is an activity that allows babies to strengthen their muscles. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you can start this activity from day one.

6. Take your Baby on a Walk

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn

Put your baby on a carrier or a stroller and go for a walk. Talk about everything you see. Babies enjoy going out. They will enjoy discovering cars, road, trees, and even pets or birds.

7. Foot Kicking is a Funny Activity

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn

Little Lifelong Learners

Grab a balloon and fill it with Helium. Loosely attach it to your baby's foot. Grab a popcorn and watch your baby kick the balloon.

8. Support Your Baby's Motor Skill Development

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn

Nothing is better than playmats to help your baby discover colors and shapes.

9. Help your Baby Discover Textures

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn

Newborns enjoy discovering new things. Place different textures on their hands or feet. You can use feathers, cotton balls, paper rolls...

10. Last But Not Least: Floating Bubbles

Baby Activities: Play with a Newborn

Who doesn't love floating bubbles? Blow some bubbles in front of your little one, at his feet or hands for a sensory reaction.



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