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  • Inaya Child Safety Latches (8 Pack)
  • Inaya Child Safety Latches (8 Pack)
  • Inaya Child Safety Latches (8 Pack)
  • Inaya Child Safety Latches (8 Pack)
  • Inaya Child Safety Latches (8 Pack)
  • Inaya Child Safety Latches (8 Pack)
  • Inaya Child Safety Latches (8 Pack)

Inaya Child Safety Latches (8 Pack)

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  • Seamless Design: The cabinet locks for babies blend seamlessly into your home without hindering the look and feel of your interiors. It prevents kids up to 5 years from opening cabinet doors, drawers, cupboards.
  • Universal fit: The locks are designed for finished as well as unfinished surfaces like wood, glass, marble, and metal. The invisible baby safety locks for cabinets work equally well with all types of furniture materials and surfaces.
  • Hassle-free installation: No tools required! With pre-applied 3M adhesive just peel the film, stick it on and you are all set for baby proofing your drawers and cabinets in less than 5 minutes.
  • Damage-free removal: The child proof cabinet locks can be removed without leaving marks and spoiling the aesthetics of your drawers. Heat the installation surface for a few seconds using a hairdryer then pull the lock.
  • 100% customer satisfaction: Inaya believes in providing the best and hence our cabinet safety locks are backed with 1-year warranty, video instructions and great customer service.


Create a safe and nurturing environment for kids with Inaya's child locks for cabinets, drawers, and cupboards. The pack contains 8 locks for varied use across the home and has a kid-friendly and durable design.

Each child safety cabinet lock measures 3 inches from the end tip to the sticky back surface and comes with an invisible design that blends seamlessly with your interiors. The square that sticks to the surface measures 1.5x1.35 inches.

Additionally, to ensure a holistic child-proofing experience, every lock features a pre-applied 3M adhesive that works on all surfaces including wood, glass, marble, and metal.

What's included?: 8 invisible locks and 8 catch bars, How to apply video instructions


How to install? With pre-applied 3M adhesive, the locks can be easily installed without drilling.

  • Clean the area that you’re sticking it to with alcohol
  • Peel-off the adhesive cover on the lock
  • Stick the lock to the surface of your cabinet, drawer
  • Use the catch bars included with this pack if the hook does not get locked on the the other side
  • Leave the locks to set for at least 24 hours


How to remove? The child proof cabinet latches can be easily removed without damaging your furniture by following these steps:

  • Heat the installation surface using a hair dryer for about 15 seconds, Pull the lock gently
  • Re-apply heat if necessary
  • Use alcohol/detergent to remove any adhesive residue